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Aug 15

Not So Lost.....


John, as always you brought your aliveness to the stage last night at Bull Run, along with that of Greg, Jay and Carolyn. Simply amazing musicians all! But something else stood out to me last night, more than anything. You sang about the lost days of the 60's, of which many who attended last night were a part. But it seemed to me there was a real "Love-In" last night, as good as any in the old days. It was a celebration of you and your music, above all else. It was evident in the crowd's response, it was evident in the band members themselves, and it was evident in your own playing and singing. It was simply in the air. Thanks so much for sharing your music, your playing, and your wonderful band members, unforgettable! Dan K.

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  • pommy_steve
    6 days ago

    Shame we have to book the australian tour through Ticketek as they are total crooks who just want our money. contact me and I'll show you!
    Oct 27

    Hy John Im sorry to hear that your health is maybe just as bad as my english. I just found out that your concert is cancelled. I visited your concert in amsterdam already in the years 1969 and 1970 where i kissed my first love during the concert Your music has been in my life ever since Hope you recover and stay on this life for much longer . thanks for beeing a part of my life which was not the most unpleasent part. love ad Goedhart
  • ulrich
    Oct 25

    dear John Mayall, We all know your wonderful achievements. We all appreciate that much. You gave so many deep and warm feelings to many of us, women, men and children. And we all stand up with a strong will to support you and your healthy life by sending you the same soulful and thoughtful vibrations you delivered since so long. It’s a lifelong relationship regardless to whatever ups and downs. The Blues heals and postpones all misery and will continue to do so in a way no other art can do. A loudly singing voice, bearing lots of luck, pain, love, devotion and hope – a guitar answering to the endless questions of love and life, a bass guiding the road through the darkness and drums which point out to never stop looking for a solution and for good – and the supportingly breathing lungs wind the air of a strong body through the vibrating tongues of a harp, the full bunch of resonances of a sax or a trumpet – it’s heaven to perceive it and be a part of the strong but devoted power which never ask for rule. Just understanding the miracle of life, tasting the bitter-sweet fruit of eternity and, if possible, feel the love of others, giving love to them – that is what your music stands for. Recover soon to full health, please, and later treat your valuable resources with care. You gave more than a man can do – the stage and a band behind you is a huge part of your life and we all will be happy to share this wonderful experience over and over again with you. But if sunshine, flowers and relaxation in a springlike garden help to fight devil’s tricks take advantage of them. Take good care of all your power, big hugs! And many greetings to the band who supports you so wonderfully – our souls are singing: long live the Blues!
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