Concert Cancellations

As we are sure you are all aware, the spread of COVID-19 has affected our industry in a monumental way. Several John Mayall concerts have been cancelled, as municipalities, venues and promoters exercise caution by eliminating large public gatherings. We have been working to reschedule the cancelled performances, and will be announcing makeup dates as they confirm. We will wait and see about the resolution of this pandemic, to know if any concerts currently on the schedule will have to be rebooked as well.

John and the band are disappointed about the recent spate of concert cancellations, but are all looking forward to the rescheduled performances. We want to keep John and all his fans safe, so we will do our part - and you will do yours - and we will all be back together soon, playing and loving the blues! Please feel free to spend time in the interim spinning some of John’s inspirational albums and cds. And please stay safe!

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