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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of pickup is on John's Gibson ES-125 Guitar?
    Many people have asked what kind of pickup is on John's Gibson ES-125 guitar. It is a Gibson P-90 "soapbar pickup".
  • What's the Story Behind John's 'A Special Life' Guitar?
    Fans have been asking about the guitar on the cover of John's album 'A Special Life', and here's his answer: "It was an Eric Johnson Stratocaster before I cut up the body and did the three dimensional art out of it."
  • What kind of harp is John playing on "Room To Move"?"
    John Mayall plays this song in D flat with an F# harmonica. (Marine Band brand)
  • What Information do you Have About Former Bandmates Freddie Robinson, Jon Mark, and Johnny Almond?"
    We got lots of queries about Freddie Robinson. In 2001, we had a fan chime in who had tracked him down. Unfortunately, Freddie passed away in 2009. You can read his obituary here. There have been many inquiries on our fanmail page about them. Jon Mark lives in New Zealand and is a part of the White Cloud music company. He is still recording, mostly ambient music and has released approximately 10 albums as a solo artist. We are sorry to say that Johnny Almond passed away in November 2009 from cancer at age 63. You can read his obituary here.
  • Where Can I Find CD Reissues of Old LP's?
    In February 2009 Cherry Red Records released the albums Moving On, Ten Years Are Gone, and The Latest Edition on CD, complete with the original artwork and album notes. They can be ordered here or via If we don't have it our Official Store, maybe these places will. There are also used items available at many of the stores listed below, as well as listening opportunities, reviews and customer ratings. ​ Amazon Amazon UK Barnes & Noble Ebay CD Baby
  • Where Can I Find Out of Print Vinyl and Collectibles?
    We get many letters asking for where to buy old and out of print recordings. If your local used record store is sorely insufficient, we feel the best bet is to do a search and keep tabs on the John Mayall section at You can sign up for "save this search" and be emailed when new items come up for sale. We are not responsible for anything that is for sale there, however, so shop carefully. There are thousands of bootleg CD's, videos and collectibles in this world. Check out the seller and ask specific questions. When in doubt, feel free to ask us if something is for real or not! There were hundreds of John Mayall items available here the last time we checked. Don't get burned, though!
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