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John Mayall has actually run an incredibly great school for musicians.

Eric Clapton

John Mayall, he was the master of it. If it wasn't for the British musicians, a lot of us black musicians in America would still be catchin' the hell that we caught long before. So thanks to all you guys, thank you very much!

BB King

I had this friend in London, John Mayall of the Bluesbreakers, who used to play me a lot of records late at night. He was a kind of DJ-type guy. You'd go back to his place, and he'd sit you down, give you a drink, and say "Just check this out." He'd go over to his deck, and for hours he'd blast you with B.B. King, Eric Clapton - he was sort of showing me where all of Eric's stuff was from, you know. He gave me a little evening's education in that. I was turned on after that, and I went and bought an Epiphone. So then I could wind up with the Vox amp and get some nice feedback.

Paul McCartney

As far as being a blues-guitar sideman, the Bluesbreakers gig is the pinnacle. That’s Mount Everest. You could play with B.B. King or Buddy Guy, but you’re just gonna play chords all night. This guy features you. You get to play solos. He yells your name after every song, brings you to the front of the stage, and lets you sing. He creates a place for you in the world.

Walter Trout

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"This album is recorded live and showcases songs new and old from two concerts in Germany. John tells me it is his first album using the trio format as well..."

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"Many years ago, he was dubbed the Father of the British Blues. Rightfully so, as in the early 1960's he created, or revolutionized (depending on your point of view), the British blues in a formidable manner."

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Arguably, no bandleader in modern history has attracted more sterling guitarists to his stable than John Mayall

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