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Third Volume of the “Live In 1967” Series Available Now From John Mayall

“Live in 1967 - Volume Three” is the final installment in a series of releases from John Mayall and Forty Below Records that capture the historic grouping of Bluesbreakers that formed after Mick Fleetwood joined with Peter Green and John McVie to back The Godfather of British Blues. The music this squad produced inspired not only audiences, but the musicians themselves as well as they embarked on their journey as the founding members of Fleetwood Mac. Five of the concerts John, Mick, John and Peter performed in that short but prolific period were captured on reel-to-reel by super-fan Tom Huissen. The existence of these recordings was discovered by John over forty years later, and this three-album series resulted from this discovery, the historic blending of musical brilliance from Mayall, Green, McVie and Fleetwood, and some technological magic performed by John and co-producer Eric Corne. The series has been wildly popular with John’s fanbase and many others. 2016's "Live in 1967 - Volume Two" was hailed as a "welcome second helping" by Rolling Stone.

“Live In 1967 - Volume Three” is the second album John Mayall has released since his retirement announcement in late 2021. It follows his triumphant “The Sun Is Shining Down” which was nominated for Best Traditional Blues Album for the 2022 Grammy Awards. Even in retirement, John Mayall continues to thrill!


1. Brand New Start (Manor House)

2. Tears In My Eyes (Manor House)

3. Stand Back Baby (Bromley)

4. Greeny (Ram Jam)

5. Talk to Your Daughter (Klooks Kleek)

6. Your Funeral and My Trial (Manor House)

7. The Stumble (Manor House)

8. Double Trouble (Bromley)

Produced by John Mayall and Eric Corne


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