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John Mayall is a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer!

John Mayall has just been announced as a 2024 Inductee to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.  John receives the Musical Influence Award, along with Alexis Korner and Big Mama Thorton, both influential figures in his musical journey.  This is a great honor for John, as well as his fellow members of the 2024 Inductees – outstanding one and all.  Congratulations!


So much appreciation for this honor belongs to you – John’s loyal fan base.  Your voices, expressing the necessity of having John honored alongside the many other founding fathers of Rock & Roll, were loud and clear, and finally heard.  Your support for this honor and your wonderful support of John’s musical career have been a great source of joy for him.  Thank you so very much!

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John Mayall IS rock and roll.

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